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The most country have institution in Food And Drinks Spain , and Have about 6 .

The second country have institution in Food And Drinks United Kingdom , and Have about 2 .

The third country have institution in Food And Drinks United States , and Have about 2 .

Random Institutions In Food And Drinks

Perfetti Van Melle
Italian global manufacturer of confectionery and gum.
Directory: Food And Drinks ,Catalog: Sweets, Confectionery, Gum , Type: Factory , Country: Italy

Firefly Tonics
Firefly Tonics is an English producer of fruit juice drinks with added herbal extracts. The range includes a number of functional drinks that feature botanical extracts such as Green Tea, Dandelion, Nettle, Yerba Maté and Kola Nut mixed with fruit juices.
Directory: Food And Drinks ,Catalog: drinks, Juice, Type: Factory , Country: United Kingdom

Acesur is a referent company within the olive oil sector in Spain, with 100% Spanish capital share and at the top five in the international framework. Its activity revolves around production, refining, bottling, marketing and exportation of olive oil and vegetable oil as well as olives, vinegars, sauces, mayonnaises and condiments. It owns many renowned brands such as La Espaṅola, Coosur and Al Amir. Acesur has also been awarded with many important prizes such as the Aster award to the Company’s labor or to the best Company.
Directory: Food And Drinks ,Catalog: Olive oil, Vinegars, Sauces, Condiments, Type: Factory , Country: Spain

Coca-Cola Hellenic
Soft drinks
Directory: Food And Drinks ,Catalog: Soft drinks, Type: Factory , Country: Switzerland

Napa Valley Olive Oil
Napa have new location opened in October 25, 2012. At this location, we feature over 50 different types of extra virgin olive oils and vinegars. We have oils from regions spanning the northern and southern hemispheres, offering only the freshest extra virgin olive oils in the world. Come in for a taste!
Directory: Food And Drinks ,Catalog: virgin olive oils, Type: Factory , Country: United States

It's a Spanish manufacturer and marketer of confectionery, Vidal specialises in the production of liquorice and gummy candies. Vidal is apparently the biggest manufacturer in Spain, producing 50 million units a day. Vidal produces products that are not produced by other confectioners, such as filled jelly sweets with 3D designs, center filled gummies, pectin-filled sweet foam, chewing gum with a fizzy filling and sugar coated liquorice. Vidal also produces Kosher products. Vidal's strongest markets are in the UK, France and Portugal as well as Spain.
Directory: Food And Drinks ,Catalog: Sweets, Gums, Liquorice products, Type: Factory , Country: Spain

In recent years, Nutrexpa has become a leading company and today is undoubtedly one of the most important groups of the Spanish food sector. Nutrexpa appeared in the forties with the objective of making appetising and nutritive food products. Following the company’s consolidation with its two traditional products, Miel de la Granja San Francisco honey and, the star product, Cola Cao chocolate powder, Nutrexpa decided to increase its offer by bringing in competitive companies from the food sector, and which would later form the Nutrexpa Group. The success of its products in Spain encouraged Nutrexpa to look for opportunities abroad, and today Nutrexpa Internacional makes and distributes products around the world, with subsidiaries in South America, Asia and Europe.
Directory: Food And Drinks ,Catalog: Stock cubes, Yeast, Caramel, Honey, Biscuits, Type: Factory , Country: Spain

development of fruit and vegetable products. This began with traditional items such as pears, peaches, apple rings and strawberries.
Directory: Food And Drinks ,Catalog: Dried Fruits, Type: Factory , Country: China

A.G. Barr
Irn-Bru Tizer Red Kola Barr Cola D'n'B KA American Cream Soda Cherryade Saint Clement's Lemonade Ginger beer Limeade Lipton Iced Tea Orangina Shandy Raspberryade Appleade Bubblegum
Directory: Food And Drinks ,Catalog: Beverages, Type: Factory , Country: United Kingdom

Chupa Chups
Directory: Food And Drinks ,Catalog: Sweets, Lollipops, Type: Factory , Country: Spain

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