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The most country have institution in Food And Drinks Spain , and Have about 6 .

The second country have institution in Food And Drinks United Kingdom , and Have about 2 .

The third country have institution in Food And Drinks United States , and Have about 2 .

Random Institutions In Food And Drinks

From its beginnings Pescanova introduced cutting-edge technology for the complete activity of fish processing, best defined by the factory ship which was not common in Spain at the time. The business model worked and allowed a continued growth making it one of the biggest firms in the fishing industry.
Directory: Food And Drinks ,Catalog: Fresh Fish, Frozen Fish, Fish products, Fish meals, Frozen food, Fishing, Type: Factory , Country: Spain

development of fruit and vegetable products. This began with traditional items such as pears, peaches, apple rings and strawberries.
Directory: Food And Drinks ,Catalog: Dried Fruits, Type: Factory , Country: China

Coca-Cola Hellenic
Soft drinks
Directory: Food And Drinks ,Catalog: Soft drinks, Type: Factory , Country: Switzerland

Al Naseem a name synonymous to success, excellence, and entrepreneurial leadership in one of the most important food industry sectors.. “The Dairy industry”. Without a doubt the most distinctive features of Al Naseem are based on the authenticity of its material development in the dairy and ice cream industry witnessed today in Libya is a living example of the accomplishment made by Al Naseem in realizing its vision throughout the last few years in all operational...
Directory: Food And Drinks ,Catalog: Dairy, Ice cream, Type: Factory , Country: Libya

It's a Spanish manufacturer and marketer of confectionery, Vidal specialises in the production of liquorice and gummy candies. Vidal is apparently the biggest manufacturer in Spain, producing 50 million units a day. Vidal produces products that are not produced by other confectioners, such as filled jelly sweets with 3D designs, center filled gummies, pectin-filled sweet foam, chewing gum with a fizzy filling and sugar coated liquorice. Vidal also produces Kosher products. Vidal's strongest markets are in the UK, France and Portugal as well as Spain.
Directory: Food And Drinks ,Catalog: Sweets, Gums, Liquorice products, Type: Factory , Country: Spain

Chupa Chups
Directory: Food And Drinks ,Catalog: Sweets, Lollipops, Type: Factory , Country: Spain

Perfetti Van Melle
Italian global manufacturer of confectionery and gum.
Directory: Food And Drinks ,Catalog: Sweets, Confectionery, Gum , Type: Factory , Country: Italy

Napa Valley Olive Oil
Napa have new location opened in October 25, 2012. At this location, we feature over 50 different types of extra virgin olive oils and vinegars. We have oils from regions spanning the northern and southern hemispheres, offering only the freshest extra virgin olive oils in the world. Come in for a taste!
Directory: Food And Drinks ,Catalog: virgin olive oils, Type: Factory , Country: United States

Firefly Tonics
Firefly Tonics is an English producer of fruit juice drinks with added herbal extracts. The range includes a number of functional drinks that feature botanical extracts such as Green Tea, Dandelion, Nettle, Yerba Maté and Kola Nut mixed with fruit juices.
Directory: Food And Drinks ,Catalog: drinks, Juice, Type: Factory , Country: United Kingdom

Milk, Cheese, Juices, Precious, webbing cream
Directory: Food And Drinks ,Catalog: Dairy, Juices, Type: Factory , Country: Egypt

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We Will come so soon with God Willing !!!

We Will come so soon with God Willing !!!

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