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Financial Service Factory in Spain

Name Banco Santander
Headquarters Santander, Spain
Specialty Banking, Bancassurance, Asset management
Products It's is the fourth-largest banking group funded by private Spanish capital. It includes several banks, brands, subsidiary and holding companies spanning the whole range of financial business (Retail, corporate, investment and private banking, insurance, asset management, private equity) .
Employees 186,763 (2012)
Founded Santander, Spain (1857)
Visiting Numbers 594
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Bloom Consulting
It's specialized in country branding and business strategy. It was founded in 2003 by Jose Filipe Torres. The company's work focuses mainly on nation branding projects and the developing of brand strategies in the private sector, as well as corporate strategy and HR consulting.
Directory: Financial Service ,Catalog: Business strategy, Branding strategy, Type: Company , Country: Spain

Banco Popular Espanol
Banking and insurance
Directory: Financial Service ,Catalog: Banking, Type: Company , Country: Spain

Financial Service Factories In Anoter Countries

BH Global
investment and income and foreign exchange markets
Directory: Financial Service ,Catalog: Investment, Hedge fund, Type: Company , Country: United Kingdom

BNP Paribas
Asset management, consumer banking, corporate banking, credit cards, investment banking, mortgage loans, private banking, wealth management, islamic finance, islamic banking
Directory: Financial Service ,Catalog: Investment banking, Islamic banking, Type: Company , Country: France

Tokyo Stock Exchange
Listing examination criteria, timely disclosure rules, guides for trading methodology and more are available.
Directory: Financial Service ,Catalog: Stock exchange, Type: Company , Country: Japan

We Will come so soon with God Willing !!!

We Will come so soon with God Willing !!!

We Will come so soon with God Willing !!!

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