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Vehicles And Transports Factory in Germany

Name Mahle GmbH
Headquarters Stuttgart, Germany
Specialty Automotive parts
Products As a manufacturer of components and systems for the combustion engine and its periphery, the company is one of the three largest systems suppliers worldwide for piston systems, cylinder components, valve train systems, air management systems, and liquid management systems.
Description It is one of the 30 largest automotive suppliers worldwide.
Employees 48,000 (2012)
Founded 1920
Visiting Numbers 984
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Pharmaceutical wholesaling and pharmacy business for logistics and distribution services for pharmaceutical manufacturers including transportation, storage and warehouse management as well as accepting and processing orders.
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It's probably the best known Greek vehicle manufacturer, being, at the same time one of the biggest Greek companies at its time with three factories and origins date back to the 1930s when the Fostiropoulos family became importers of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The company with that name was founded in 1956, the name reflecting its original activity, as it started with production of bus bodies on Mercedes-Benz chassis (BIAMAX, stands for "Biomihania Amaxomaton", or "Vehicle Body Building Industry"; the name was retained although the company soon became a complete vehicle producer).
Directory: Vehicles And Transports ,Catalog: Buses, Trucks, Type: Factory , Country: Greece

We Will come so soon with God Willing !!!

We Will come so soon with God Willing !!!

We Will come so soon with God Willing !!!

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